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Why I Chose a SnoMaster 12 Volt Fridge for My Overlanding Rig

SnoMaster overland fridge

In the past, my overlanding excursions never exceeded a month and I always got by with a cooler full of ice for my refrigeration needs. In the process of planning a multiyear expedition I became increasingly interested in a 12 volt refrigerator as a superior solution. The advantage of sticking with a cooler and ice is in its simplicity. It is unlikely to break, there is no installation and the initial cost is much less. A quality refrigerator offers increased freedom. You no longer have to leave camp in order to find more ice. You can even make ice! Plus, you don’t have to leave room in the cabinet for ice, so you can fit more food in the given space. You also have the option of storing extra beverages at room temperature and adding them to the fridge as space becomes available. Try that with a cooler and see how long your ice lasts!

SnoMaster travel fridge

Considering that I was planning on going to remote places where ice wouldn’t be available and that I was likely to want to stay out there for days or even weeks I wanted a refrigerator for my big trip through Mexico and Central America, but I didn’t Know which one to get. I did a lot of research and learned that there are many options on the market, each with its own strong and weak points. My main concerns were that I wanted a fridge that could freeze things quickly and keep cold with as little power consumption as possible. That meant I needed a powerful and efficient compressor as well as good insulation. In my research I found that the SnoMaster brand consistently came up as a top competitor in comparison test between the best refrigerators on the market. One of the best comparison tests I found is on They compare the top brands and some less expensive options in a clear and accurate way. SnoMaster also has some solid customer reviews attesting to their durability and they offer a variety of units. Including a large split unit that allowed for freezing in one compartment and refrigeration in the other, which is what I wanted. All this and an attractive price tag compared to the other units I was considering.

fridge freezer for overland travel

I wanted one, but I couldn’t find one in the United States. I contacted the company in South Africa, where they originated and was informed that they were in the process of entering the USA market. After some correspondence with SnoMasterUSA I became a brand ambassador and the proud owner of a new SnoMaster fridge/freezer.

After months of continuous use on the road I am happy with my decision. The unit keeps my veggies crisp and beverages cold in one cabinet, while safely storing meat and making ice in the other. My fridge is directly under the bed in my rig, but it is nice and quiet. I can barely hear it and can’t hear it at all if my fan is on or if there is any other noise. It was easy to wire to my vehicle’s electrical system with the included plug. Setup and use of the fridge is simple and intuitive. I have used my SnoMaster all over Mexico now and even after high humidity, high temperatures, high altitude, and hundreds of miles of dirt road it continues to work well. For more information or to buy your SnoMaster fridge head over to

SnoMaster fridge at overland camp

See you on the trail,


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