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couple traveling with dog

Matt and I (Amie) met in Nicaragua working at a surf camp in 2010. I was the cook, and he was a surf guide. He had the job for the whole season, but sadly I only signed up for 3 months. I left to go back to the United States to pursue yoga teaching courses and massage school, while Matt stayed. Through the years we kept in contact, but did our own thing.

Just as I was about to move to Maui to attend Massage school in 2013, I drove to Southern California where Matt was living and I asked him to take a chance and move to Maui with me...he showed up in Maui 3 weeks later.  Maui was good to us. In the three years we lived there we made some good friends, I got my massage therapist license, Matt got his captains license, and we got married! But we both still had a desire to keep traveling and eventually it was time for us to get off that little rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

 So, we got rid of nearly everything except our 13 year old dog, Jaeger and set off on a new adventure together. We are driving from California to Panama and taking as long as we can to get there.  Living out of our truck, turned four-wheel-drive home on wheels we wake up in some incredible places and have plenty of misadventures along the way. We have created The Traveling Together Journal as a way of sharing our experience as a couple traveling with their dog and hope that you find it very entertaining, somewhat informative, and maybe even a little inspirational.

camping video

If you would like to join us on our journey, simply subscribe to The Traveling Together Journal on YouTube and you’ll get ALL of our episodes and updates when new episodes are released. We would also like to encourage you to message us. Let us know what you think or if there is something you would like to see. Enjoy!

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