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Gear Reviews

This is where you find gear reviews of the car camping/overlanding equipment that we USE. Thats right, we actually use the stuff before making a review about it. Enjoy.

SnoMaster 12v Fridge Freezer Review

A review of the expedition series SnoMaster refrigerator after one year of overlanding. A good 12 volt fridge is a key piece of overlanding gear. Matt talks about the durability and efficiency of our fridge and how we use it. It has held up to 4x4 roads, lots of car camping, and tropical heat.

Lifesaver 20,000L Jerry Can Water Filter Review

The Lifesaver Jerry Can 20,000 UF has been a valuable piece of overlanding gear for our long term overland expedition through Central America. We review this water filter and share our experiences after 1 year of overland travel.

ARB 2500 Awning Review

The ARB 2500 Awning has been a valuable piece of overland vehicle gear for our travel through Central America and beyond. In this review we consider the pros and cons of the awning design and some tips to overcome its weak points.

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

You want to take a kayak on an overlanding trip? Checkout Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks. It travels well folded up in its carry case, takes less than 10 minuets to set up, and paddles great thanks to its integrated frame, keel, and drop stitch floor.

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