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How To...

We try to learn things as we go and generally we learn it the hard way, but it has been a fun process and we have managed to keep rolling. Now we want to help you all along your journeys by sharing some tips and tricks in the form of how to videos.

How to Build a Fridge Slide

Matt shows you how to build a fridge slide for your overland rig. He uses heavy duty drawer slides and angle iron to build a simple, space-saving slider for his SnoMaster 12v refrigerator. It's a simple design that can be easily adapted to any size fridge.

Building An Overland Vehicle v2

overland truck camper

We learned a lot from our trip to Panama and we are using that knowledge to build an even better overland vehicle. Checkout this playlist for the full build series.

Version 2 Camper Build Playlist

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