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So you’ve watched a few videos, found them entertaining or useful and you would like to support us in our efforts to continue creating fun and informative travel videos and providing them for free online, well this is how. Become a patron of the arts on Patreon. You can pledge any amount starting at $2 and you directly support our ability to keep producing more and better videos for you. 
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Matt, Amie, & Jaeger 

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We’re glad you’ve enjoyed the show and we appreciate that you want to buy us a beer for all the free entertainment, but this is the internet and your computer only has a “tab” key, no “beer”. Well, no worries, you can use the button below to donate $5 to the cause and we will be sure to buy beer with it.

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Matt, Amie, & Jaeger


P.S. If we meet on the road real beers will also be accepted!

P.P.S. Donors will be thanked by name at the end of a future episode. If you would like to remain anonymous please send us a message:

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When you click on an advertisement on our site it will link you to If you buy something when you're there, then Amazon pays us. You don't even have to buy the thing in the advertisement. It helps us out and doesn't cost you any extra! So go ahead and buy yourself something nice. Just make sure you click through an add on our site before you purchase.

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Matt, Amie, and Jaeger

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Matt Designed a sticker featuring the Blue Beauty! They are 2x2 inch square and printed on vinyl with a glossy UV laminate. Get yours for $5 and help support the creation of this content!

P.S. IF you see us in real life, say hi, we may have a sticker for you ;)

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