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Overlanding Panama to California

After more than a year on the road, we made it to Panama. Now we begin the journey home.

Ep.67 Bocas Del Toro,Panama

We have officially begun our journey north. Our first destination is Bocas Del Toro, where we hope to get some offseason surf on the Caribbean islands before leaving Panama.

Ep.68 Costa Rica- North Bound 

Waterfalls, hot springs, river rafting, wildlife, and increasable natural beauty... Costa Rica has it all and it's all in this episode!

Ep.69 Nicaragua- North Bound

We're back in Nicaragua on our way north and stay at Playa Maderas and Playa Gigante where we met knew friends, got some fun waves, and went to the annual Nicaragua Beer Fest in San Juan Del Sur.

Ep.70 Nicaragua to Honduras

We drive from the southern coast of Nicaragua to the northern mountains, then across the border into Honduras, camping and hiking along the way. Honduras surprised us with their awesome national parks and plentiful wildlife.

Ep.71 SCUBA Diving Isla Utila

Five days on Isla Utila, Honduras learning to scuba dive with Utila Dive Center. We had a blast and came away with a cool new skill.

Ep.72 Overlanding Honduras

We make our way back west through Honduras. We stop at two National Parks along the way to the Copan archeological site. Honduras proved to be a beautiful country full of diverse plant and animal life. 

Ep.73 Overlanding Guatamala

Colonial cities, remote jungle, huge waterfalls, border crossings... Its all part of overlanding in Guatemala.

Ep.74 Mexico Surf Trip

From Oaxaca to Sinaloa, we make our way up the Pacific coast of Mexico. We surf, camp, eat, and see some sights along the way.

Ep.75 Mexico Overland

We leave the coast and head over to the mountains into the high desert where we camp, hike, and do a little off-road exploration.

Ep.76 Copper Canyon 4x4 Adventure

Copper Canyon is a beautiful and unique area in Chihuahua, Mexico and it's a great place to explore with a 4x4 camping rig. 

Ep.77 Arizona

We're back in the USA and exploring the backroads of Arizona.

Ep.78 The Mojave Road

The Mojave Road is a series of dirt tracks from Nevada to a California across the Mojave Desert. The rout was once used by Native Americans and settlers in wagon trains, now it is a popular 4x4 trail that we intend to drive in our truck camper. 

We make it back to California and complete our 1.5 year trip to Panama and back.

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